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The Christmas season brings longer evenings and unpredictable weather. Be ready for more time indoors with the best family night gift of the season. Your family, friends and guests will enjoy ‘Go Fish’ and a Grab and Go Game (may vary). There are no winners or losers when the games are finished and it’s time to sample the specially selected treats. Gourmet popcorn, brownie cookies, and chocolate peanut butter cookies are just a few of the sweet treats that will make the family time spent together even more memorable! So gather ‘round the table and let the games begin!

Specifications Descriptions
CONTAINER SIZE: 13" W x 7"D x 3"H
Items Included: Lesser Evil Himalayn Popcorn (2) Ashers Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (2) Too Good Choc. Brownie Cookies FAtty Sundays Chocolate Sprinkles Pretzels Kimmie Chocolate Sunflower Seeds Tru Fru Chocolate Strawberries Leonessa Chocolate Filled Windmill Cookies Grab and Go Game (may vary) Go Fish Card Game Dominoes Adult Coloring Book Colored Pencils Puzzle (150-500 pieces) Old Maid Card Game Magnetic Checkers (3) Game Pads

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